Foto: Gregor Aymar

* 1993, grey, straight Egyptian stallion, blue list, Saqlawi Jidran

Saif - he impresses by outstanding pedigree, type and extreme movements.

Reference offspring:
DHS Salma, DHS Tahrir, Mahala Halima, Nabeelah Halima, Sayyid El Dhur, The Italian Prince

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Foto:Julia Moll

Malik Halim* 2009, grey, straight Egyptian stallion, blue list, Saqlawi Jidran

Reference offspring:
Nawal Halima, Nafila Halima, Mahfouza Halima, Nadifa Halima, Mouran Halim

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Foto: Elisa Grassi

Mashour Halim* 2009, grey, straight Egyptian stallion, blue list, Saqlawi Jidran
2012 Champion-Silver + Class Winner, Egyptian Europe Cup (D)

Reference offspring:
Masouda Halima, Massai Halim, Najib Halim, GWS Mayyadah, Kalil Halim, Mishaal Halim, El Thay Taqib

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Foto: Julia Moll

Sadik Halim * 2018, grey, straight Egyptian colt, blue list, Dahman Shahwan


Foto: Gigi Grasso

* 1990 - 2009, grey, straight Egyptian stallion, blue list, Saqlawi Jidran

PVA Kariim - after his breeding records in Brazil and USA, PVA KARIIM entered in 2006 as one of the most successful top stallions of straight Egyptian bloodlines European ground and enriched our stud. He truly was a globetrotter who received highest international honours and his outstanding beauty made him to the top and world famous pure-blooded Egyptian stallion he was.

PVA KARIIM´s straight Egyptian gets such as "Imperial Baarez" or "RZA Orient Express" - not only famous as World Reserve and Egyptian Event Champions - are presumably the most well known guarantors of his producer quality.

It was not only his beauty and pedigree what made PVA KARIIM so exceptional for us but above all his gentle ways and his unshakeable dignity.

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Reference offspring:
Imperial Baarez, RZA Orient Express, HMT Princess Karima, Nagda Halima, Nile Halima



Foto: Gigi Grasso

* 1994 - 2010, grey, straight Egyptian stallion, blue list, Abayyan Umm Jurays

A Vision is gone... His name was a synonym for outstanding heritage. STERLING VISION was a remarkable and probably the most beautiful and impressive son of the legendary "Imperial Imdal" out of the Nabiel-daughter "Nagda". He truly combined the characteristics of classical beauty and powerful elegance.

2007 Senior Reserve Champion Egyptian Cup Europe, Frankfurt
2007 Silver Premium German Stallion Licensing Show
2008 Class Winner Egyptian Event Europe, Lanaken
2008 Senior Reserve Champion Asil Cup, Balve


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picture 7

Reference offspring:
Noor Halim , Rakkas Halim, Taymouna Halima



Foto: Erwin Escher ©

* 1983 - 2009, grey, straight Egyptian stallion, blue list, Kuhaylah Ajuz (Rodan), Elite stallion VZAP, licensed and performance tested.

Al Kidir - He was "The exotic Egyptian" - with dominant presence and strong personality. He bears several times the blood of the famous "Moniet El Nefous". On national and international shows his progeny convinces by multiple champion honours. His daughters and granddaughters are the foundation mares of our breeding programme. Not unlike his father "The Egyptian Prince", he was a synonymous for ravishingly beautiful mares with outstanding producer qualities. After his striking assignment in our breeeding programme he experienced a true renaissance.

Reference offspring:
Kaliya, Bint Moufisa, Bint Kahila, Moufisa Al Kidir, Saif, Monah Halima



Foto: Erwin Escher ©

* 1981 - 2003, white, straight Egyptian stallion, blue list, Saqlawi Jidran, licensed and performance tested.

Halim Al Kadir - was "The classic Egyptian" on our stud. He was the last living and in the breeding business available son of the legendary "Ansata Ibn Halima" in Europe which made him a rarity among straight Egyptian breeding programmes. His extremely solid foundation and body, his powerful movements, a spotless pigmentation and his very impressive large eyes defined his quality as a producer. His mother "Illaila" was a full sister to "The Egyptian Prince". His daughters and granddaughters are the pillars of our broodmare band.
Reference offspring:
Kaythara Halima, Nasira Halima, Moufisa Halima